Where do I see myself in five years?

It’s funny to notice that you have “absolutely no idea” about where you’re going with your life when someone drops the question: ”Where do you see yourself in five years?”

I thought about this for a few days and here’s what I got for an answer:


I will most probably have a Bachelor of Arts in social sciences degree in international business administration, since I should graduate this December. (Something I've mentioned quite a few times in this blog.) 

But I would like to study more. Maybe I’ll land a Master’s degree in five years. Frankly, that should be a reasonable goal to achieve.


Working life has been part of this story ever since I was graduating from high school and it will be a part of it in the future as well. Having a job is something I enjoy.


Right now I am 23 years old. During these five years the unavoidable will happen: I will age. Wikipedia actually tells that the first signs of ageing start to show when you’re 28. I will look different. Ha-ha, most likely this guy typing on his laptop looks like a little boy from the older Roni’s perspective.


I currently live in my palace (no typo here) in downtown Järvenpää. (Damn that sounds so stupid.)
I rent a two-room apartment: Living room, bedroom, balcony, kitchen, bathroom and sauna. I have it all here. But living exactly here after five years sounds a bit absurd to be honest. By the way, some of you probably already know this, but I have a dream about moving to Canada one day. Why Canada: Google that. Yes, it’s a far cry, but wouldn't it be awesome to re-post this from Canada?


I am currently single (another thing that is a known fact for you readers), but since I have a history of having relationships, I should at least have had some relationships during the next five years. Confidence is my middle name!

Honestly, who knows whether or not I’ll have a relationship going on during that particular point in the future?  Nope, can’t even tell if the future dude will have a wife, a girlfriend or a cat and a tea cup with single life experience for five years and counting. 


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